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Atomic Absorption
Atomic Absorption Capabilities

Atomic Absorption

Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Analyses (GFAA)

Single Element $36.00
Additional Elements (each) $18.00
Arsenic (As) Chromium (Cr) Cadmium (Cd)
Lead (Pb) Selenium (Se) Vanadium (V)

Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption (CVAA)

Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption $40.00
Element Detection Limit
Mercury 0.05 ppm

Hydride Generation Atomic Absorption Analyses (HGAA)

Selenium (< 100 ppm) $36.00
Arsenic $36.00
  • Other elements available upon request We will select the method appropriate for your sample type
  • Please inquire about the availability of specific methods
  • Additional sample prep charges may be incurred for difficult matrixes
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