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Agricultural Mineral Testing

A different approach to ingredient evaluations...

The animal feed industry is focusing on risks that could jeopardize feed safety. Ingredient quality is at the heart of the problem.

Ingredient evaluations have shifted from checks on performance issues to investigation of feed safety issues.

Performance Issues

  • Major elements
  • Minor elements
  • Flowability, segregation, mixability, dispersion

Feed Safety Issues

  • Heavy metals
  • Dioxins, Furans, PCBs
  • Minor elements

Universal Testing is uniquely positioned to help you address your ingredient quality concerns by giving you insight into the best approach and giving you the best value for your testing dollars.

Call us to set up a comprehensive ingredients evaluation program.

Now offering Vitamin, Enzyme and Pigment Testing

Universal Testing has further expanded its testing to include Vitamins, Enzymes, and Pigments.  For most orders, we offer five working day turnaround from the date the sample is received.

Animal Feed / Pet Food

We recently expanded our services to the animal feed and pet food industries by offering nutrient analyses. Fat, fiber, and protein analyses are now available and can be grouped with other physical and elemental analyses giving you opportunity to maximize your QC dollars. Many other feed analyses are available upon request.

Inorganic Chemicals / Mineral Ore

Wet chemical titrations have been the proven methods of choice when assaying the major elemental content of ores and inorganic chemicals. We have developed a number of new Inductively Coupled Plasma spectrometric methods (ICP-OES) that provide the accuracy and precision of the classical wet chemical titration with lower costs and faster turnaround times. We have maintained the ability to run the wet chemical titrations and continue to offer them to customers who require these methods. We also utilize them as confirmatory tests to back up our ICP assays.

Lower Detection Limits on Trace Elements

We have incorporated additional technologies that will allow us to quantify even lower concentrations of trace elements. The addition of Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (CVAA) allows for a detection limit of 0.05 ppm for mercury. The addition of Hydride Generation Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (HGAA) allows for detection of selenium and arsenic well below our ICP detection limit. Please call to discuss your needs.

Even Faster Turnaround Times

There are times when you just can’t afford to wait. We now offer a Same-Day Service for many of our analyses. This service requires advance notice and special handling. Please call to make arrangements.

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